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Consolidated Housing and Community Development Plan

The Consolidated Plan is a collaborative process through which the Community Development Department identifies housing and community development needs and establishes goals, priorities, and strategies to measure progress in addressing those needs throughout the community. Designed to provide specific revitalization guidelines, the Consolidated Plan integrates community, economic, environmental and physical development in a comprehensive and coordinated fashion so that individuals and organizations can work together and succeed.


View the 2015-2019 Consolidated Plan and 2015 One-Year Action Plan 


View the 2010-2014 Consolidated Plan and 2010 One-Year Action Plan



Annual Action Plan

Annually, the Community Development Department sets funding priorities to be completed during the upcoming calendar year. These objectives are then accomplished through the receipt and expenditure of federal, state, and local grant financing, as well as competitive private funding. Utilizing extensive citizen participation and public input, those projects are selected which best suit the goals laid out in the five-year Consolidated Housing and Community Development Plan.


View Annual Action Plans Below



Consolidated Annual Performance and Evaluation (CAPER)

At the close of each fiscal year, the Department reviews development activities of the City of Warren and the Warren-Trumbull HOME Consortium; program results are documented in the CAPER. The report provides the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) with a summary of local resources used and an evaluation of the progress made in addressing identified priority needs and implementing the overall strategy for housing and community development during the most recent program year.


View the 2018 CAPER report below:

 View the 2017 CAPER report below:

View the 2016 CAPER report below:

View the 2015 CAPER report below:

 View the 2014 CAPER report below:

 View the 2013 CAPER report below:

View the 2012 CAPER report below:

View the 2011 CAPER below:

View the 2010 CAPER below:


Additional Planning Materials

To view a complete list of those Community Development planning materials made available to the general public, please click on “Additional Planning Materials” in the side bar to your left.