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Permits and Fees Overview

Several types of Permits are issued from the City of Warren Engineering, Planning and Building Department, prior to any construction work being done in the City or the City right-of-way and pursuant to the City of Warren Codified Ordinances.


No person, firm, corporation or company shall perform any work without first checking with the Engineering, Planning and Building Department for work valued over $400.00, including labor, material and equipment.


Any work in connection with the location, erection, construction, repair, alteration, moving or equipping of a building will require application and issuance of a Permit.


No person shall excavate within the limits of the right of way of any street, avenue, alley lane or any public grounds for the purpose of installing, repairing or cleaning any sanitary sewer, storm sewer, sanitary lateral, storm connection or water connection, or for any purpose, without first obtaining a Permit. No Permit shall be required of any person, company or corporation performing work for or under contract with the City, which is covered by a performance bond.


Arrangements must be made for inspections.


Whoever violates any of these provisions shall be subject to penalty.


Our department brochure provides an overview of Engineering, Planning and Building permits that must be issued before applicable projects may begin within the City of Warren, as well as associated fee schedules.


View the Engineering Department brochure

Special Notice: A 1% surcharge on all Residential fees is to be collected by each residential building department and sent to OBBS for operation costs of the Board and providing services, including Education, for departments certified by Board.