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Birth and Death Certificates

Effective October 16, 2009, Birth and Death Certificates are $23.00 each.


Death and Birth Certificates are considered public documents and are available to the public according to a specific fee schedule. They are also available by contacting the Ohio Department of Health, Bureau Of Vital Statistics at (614) 466-2531. Records date back to December 1908.


All copies are certified: they have a raised seal and are required as positive proof of death or birth.


When a copy of a Death or Birth Certificate is needed you may visit our offices, or forward your request via the U.S. Postal Service, United Parcel Service, etc..


Download the Birth and Death Certificate Request Form


When requesting by mail, please print or type legibly and include:

  • A self addressed, stamped envelope for faster service.
  • The exact and full name, date of birth and/or death, and supporting family information such as mother's or father's name, funeral director, location within Trumbull County where birth occurred (City, Village, Township) , etc.
  • If immediate delivery is needed send a post-paid overnight return envelope from the service used to deliver your request.
  • A note or letter requesting a specific number of certified or non-certified copies.
  • Payment for the number and type of certificates requested. No personal checks or cash will be accepted through the mail.
  • Your full mailing address and telephone number in case we may need to contact you.
  • Forward your request to the address listed on the form.