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Information for Employers

2016 Employer Filing of W2 and 1099-MISC Information


The following are the City of Warren’s requirements for filing W-2s and 1099-MISC on magnetic media for tax year 2016.


Warren Income Tax Department is basing its W-2 specifications on the EFW2 Tax Year 2016 specifications. These specifications are available here.


Warren Income Tax Department requires the filing of the 1099-MISC information. Warren Income Tax Department is basing its 1099-MISC specifications on the IRS publication 1220 specifications.


For tax year 2016, the acceptable media is CD-ROM. The information may also be emailed to swoodward@warren.org.


Accuwage and W2Verify Software


The Social Security Administration website offers a tool to be used by the person preparing the EFW2 file to test the file's accuracy. This download can be accessed by clicking here and choosing the "Download AccuWage - 2016 Tax Year" link. This link will download a setup file to the computer and, when executed, will install the Accuwage software on that machine.


This software will help the preparer determine if all the required elements are present in the file — with the exception of the "RS" record, which is the "extra" element required for a municipality's purposes. Please note, the "RS" record is defined by the Social Security Administration for use by municipalities. To test for the "RS" record, please download Baldwin Group's W2Verify program by right-clicking on this link.


For additional information or if you are starting a new business, please refer to the "Employers and Businesses" section of the Income Tax Forms page.