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Law Department

The Law Department consists of Civil and Criminal Divisions managed by an elected Law Director. The Civil Division handles civil work such as claims and contracts. The Criminal Division handles criminal prosecutions in the Warren Municipal Court. The Law Director serves a four-year term.


Civil Division

The process for filing claims for damage to your property, automobile, house, etc., from trees, potholes, etc., is as follows:

  1. Our office will need a statement in writing detailing when, where and what happened to cause the accident or incident and why you believe the City is responsible for such damages.
  2. Written repair for damages to your automobile, property, house, etc.
  3. A copy of your driver's license.
  4. A copy of your homeowners insurance and/or automobile insurance which shows your coverage (declaration page).
  5. A copy of any incident or police report.

Upon receipt of these items, a claim is set up and our office notifies the appropriate affected department within the City. We will request a report from them. Upon receipt of all reports, the matter is turned over to our Risk Management Attorney for review. You should receive an answer within 7 to 10 days as to whether your claim has been approved or denied after the review is completed.


If it is approved, a Release form will be provided to you for your signature. Upon receipt of the signed Release, the form is sent to the Auditor's office for the City of Warren for payment.


Criminal Division

Citizens' Complaints take from 8:30 AM to 9:30 AM, Monday through Friday, at the Prosecutor's Office, in the Municipal Justice Building on 141 South Street S.E.