Police Department

The Warren Police Department, which was established in 1867, continues to perform its function of serving and protecting the citizens to the best of its abilities. Our dedicated, professional police force of 82 sworn and non-sworn men and women recognize that the people in our community are our most important customers, and they work in partnership with all people to solve problems that affect public safety.


This is also accomplished by collaborating with citizens and neighborhood and community groups to better understand the needs of the community so that we my develop solutions to problems and provide efficient responses.


Through a cooperative working relationship with our local, state and federal law enforcement agencies, we take a proactive approach to law enforcement knowing that partnerships and cooperation are needed to ensure protection of persons and property. 


As Chief of Police, it is my responsibility to ensure that our community is provided the best possible law enforcement services. To this end, I am dedicated to making sure all police related services are provided in an efficient, effective and professional manner. 


I am proud to serve with these dedicated, professional co-workers to complete our police mission in order to “protect and serve” our community for those who live and work here.




Eric J. Merkel

Chief of Police


Warren City Police Department on Facebook

The Warren Police Department maintains a Facebook page to increase communication with the public. If you have a comment or question related to public safety, please feel free to get in touch!