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Storm Water Project Information

The City of Warren believes in taking a proactive approach toward storm water management. As a result, Water Pollution Control has developed a comprehensive program to address issues of water quantity (flooding) and improvement of water quality throughout the city. The following brochures provide information regarding all phases of this program.


Storm Sewer Programs Brochure

Find out how you, as resident and homeowner, can help the city improve storm water management during rain events.


Read the Storm Sewer Programs Brochure


Downspout Inspection Program

Are your downspouts installed correctly? Do they discharge storm water away from your house? Find out more about WPC's Downspout Inspection Program, in which structures are inspected to ensure that gutters and downspouts are functioning correctly and properly discharging away from building foundations.


Read the Downspout Inspection Brochure


Household Waste Management Program

All household hazardous waste must be appropriately stored or discarded; these products, if improperly managed, create environmental and public health hazards. Find out how to dispose of a range of products including paint, pool chemicals, pesticides, fertilizer, and car care products.


Nature's Blend

The Nature’s Blend product line has been accepted into the Giant Eagle grocery store chain. Distributing to approximately 200 stores in three states, we are elated as well as inspired by this experience. The staff continues to explore new distribution outlets. We are expecting to announce new partners in the near future. Our department has also accepted the City of O’Fallon, Missouri to the Nature’s Blend Partnership Program. The program unites various cities across the country and contributes to the nationwide success and distribution of Nature’s Blend. Our dedication and perseverance to the Nature’s Blend facility is paying off, not only financially but also environmentally. The growth and development of this division is but one example of the pioneer mentality of our employees.


View the 2014 Price List for Nature's Blend products