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Lincoln PK-8 Girls Show Energy Bike to City Council

January 1, 2013

Girls from Lincoln PK-8, along with students from three other Northeast Ohio schools, participated in the NOPEC Energy Bike Project: Activating and Energizing Girls in Science (AEGIS). They attended a three-day event earlier this year at The University of Akron.This NOPEC program gives middle school girls the opportunity to learn about energy science. The students build an Energy Bike that their school can use to educate other students about energy. The Lincoln PK-8 team recently presented their Energy Bike to Warren City Council.

The Energy Bike is a conventional bike that transforms energy from riding the bike into electricity to power different types of light bulbs, a hair dryer, a fan and other small appliances.

Each year, four middle schools within NOPEC member communities are selected to participate. Each school selects four seventh grade female students and one teacher to attend the Energy Bike Project.


The Lincoln PK-8 Energy Bike team recruits Councilman Eddie Colbert to demonstrate their bike's properties.

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