Engineering, Planning & Building Department

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Engineering, Planning and Building Department

The Engineering, Planning and Building Department is responsible for engineering, monitoring building and construction, the issuance of permits, enforcement of building and zoning codes and other professional and technical services with the objective of enhancing and protecting public safety and welfare in the City of Warren.

The department is responsible for contractor registration. Permits can only be issued to registered contractors pursuant to the Codified Ordinances of Warren, Ohio 1305.015 or to homeowners who work on the single family dwelling in which they reside.

The department accepts only checks or money orders.

The department consists of three divisions:

The Engineering Division
The Engineering Division is responsible for developing plans, specifications, cost estimates and inspecting projects as proposed by administration and city council.  The Engineering Division issues permits for construction and excavation within the street right-of-way.

Contact the Engineering Division for the following:

  • Sanitary sewer and storm sewer records
  • Drainage and flooding problems
  • Various maps and records of the City

The Planning Division

The Planning Division enforces the planning and zoning ordinances which are found in Chapter 11 of the Codified Ordinances. The Planning Division issues zoning permits, portable sign permits and sign permits.

Contact the Planning Division for the following:

  • Fence guidelines
  • Zoning districts and allowable uses in each
  • Car parking in yard enforcement & inoperable junk car removal
  • Approval for Subdivision & merging of lots
  • Annexation Petitions
  • Street Dedications and Vacations

The Building Division

The Building Division enforces the building codes of the State of Ohio and the Codified Ordinances of the City of Warren.  The Building Division issues permits for commercial building and home construction, rehabilitation, remodeling, additions, alternations, demolition, plumbing, HVAC & electrical work.

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