Municipal Court

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The Warren Municipal Court has jurisdiction over the City of Warren, Warren Township, Howland Township and Champion Township. The court has jurisdiction over misdemeanor and traffic cases, as well as preliminary felony hearings, civil cases up to $15,000 and small claims cases which do not exceed $6,000.

Current Municipal Court Judges

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Judge Natasha K. Natale

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Judge Patty L. Knepp

History of the Courts

On August 25, 1800, the first court was held in Warren. It convened in Ephraim Quinby's corn crib, which stood on Main Street near what is now the Erie Railroad crossing. The chief accomplishment of the court, said to be the first formal governmental agency established in the Western Reserve, was the appointment of a committee to select a place for the jail. The southwest room in Ephraim Quinby's log house was chosen temporarily, and Quinby became the town's first jailor.

The Municipal Courts, as we now know them, were established August 8, 1931, by the Ohio Legislature. The first Judge elected to the Warren Municipal Court was Judge Ralph R. Speak, who served in such capacity until his death in 1950. At present, the court consists of two Judges elected for six-year terms.

Past Municipal Court Judges

Judge Ralph R. Speak 1931-1950
Judge James Ravella 1950-1981
Judge Donald R. Ford 1972-1976
Judge Joseph Craciun 1977-1980
Judge Charles A. Young 1980-1989
Judge William B. Jobe 1982-1987
Judge Lynn B. Griffith, Jr. 1987-1999
Judge Samuel Petkovich 1990-1995

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