Solid Waste Program

Solid Waste Program

This program is administered by the Health District for the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency, specifically Ohio Revised Code Chapters 3734 and 3745. The Health District, through it's inspection program, ensures compliance with all OEPA. stipulations.

Within the city are two solid waste facilities, both owned by the same company and located at the same site. Warren Recycling, Inc. operates a Solid Waste Transfer Station, and a Construction and Demolition Debris landfill.

Solid Waste is defined as "unwanted residual solid or semisolid material as results from industrial, commercial, agricultural, and community operations, excluding earth or material from construction, mining, or demolition operations, and other substances that include, but are not limited to, garbage, scrap tires, combustible and noncombustible material, street dirt and debris, etc."

The Transfer Station receives commercial and residential solid waste, as described above, at its facility on Martin Luther King Avenue, places the solid waste into large trucks, and transfers it to OEPA approved landfills.

The Construction and Demolition Debris facility operates a landfill at the Martin Luther King Avenue site. It receives only certified construction and demolition debris, which includes commercial and residential building debris. No solid waste is allowed to be placed in this landfill.

The Solid Waste Program also includes inspections involving the illegal dumping or storage of tires, garbage, combustible and noncombustible material, and debris through the City. Solid waste does not include any material such as "infectious waste" or "hazardous waste" as defined in the Ohio Revised Code.

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